Online Restaurant Menu System

During the course of our work with clients we sometimes create something that we think will be of use to others. Menudo is the first of these offerings. It was created for Dharma's Restaurant in Santa Cruz. Like many restaurant owners, they were challenged with a diverse and constantly changing menu. They wanted to offer their menu in an online form, but were concerned with having to pay designers (us) each time they needed to make changes to the menu. We designed something that would put us right out of a job: Menudo, an online, interactive menu management system. We haven't heard from them since.

What is it?

Menudo allows you to have an online menu for your restaurant that is completely under your control. With Menudo you can:

  • Add, change or remove menu items from your menu anytime, from any web browser
  • Easily change prices, description, categories, and update your website instantly
  • Use menudo's out of the box design or create your own look - everything is customizable through CSS
  • Use your own header/footer to make it look like the rest of your site
  • Offer customers a printable PDF version of your menu from your website
  • Supports menu categories, featured items, menu pricing options (i.e.: with coleslaw - add $.25)
  • and much more ...

How do I get it?

Menudo is FREE. Menudo is Beta software - This means it may still have bugs and is being released for free, without any guarantees whatsoever. In return we ask that you not remove our teeny tiny copyright notice at the bottom of the menu screen.

There are two options for how to get Menudo for your restaurant website:

Download the software and install it yourself

If you know a thing or two about websites you can go ahead and install it yourself. You will need:

  • MySQL 4.1 or later
  • PHP 4 or later
  • FTP access to your site
  • Ability to create a MySQL database, user and password

Installation instructions are available in the User Manual.

We can install it for you, but we will charge you for our time

This is what we do for a living and we designed the software so we're good at it. We can even customize the software for your particular needs, or design a whole website if you want. Our standard installation rates are $50/hour. We will need access to your website and your web control panel.

Please contact us and we'll see what we can do. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response.

Restaurants that use Menudo

Demo (Coming Soon)

Screenshots (Coming Soon)



zip file

user manual including installation instructions (pdf)